-"Thunder" is still in-progress... come out to Dixon Place's BRINK (curated by Alice MacDonald) on Weds, November 5th at 7:30pm  to see an excerpt of this work.  It's a shared show with Effie Bowen!

-Performing an excerpt of my new project "Thunder" with Hadar Ahuvia, Emily Moore and Laurel Snyder at Movement Research at Judson Church on Monday, Sept 15th at 8pm.  It's free!

-Performing "Nothing" at Panopoly Performance Laboratory on Saturday, June 7th at 7:30pm (Lorene & Kaia start at 6pm).  Curated by Lorene Bouboushian and Esther Neff.  Featuring Lorene Bouboushina & Kaia Gilje, Li Cata, Adjua Greaves and Luke George. 

-Teaching a workshop as part of Li Cata's "What is Queer Performance" at the Bureau of General Service Queer Division in June.  More info soon!

-Resurrecting the "Prologue" from Private Country as part of Sarah Fritchey's exhibit "Showing the Work" at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, CT. 

...a few other things bubbling under the surface too

photo by Brian Rogers


Thank you to everyone who came out and witnessed this work, and to my collaborators Ezra Tenenbaum, Talya Epstein, Laurel Snyder, Peter Sciscioli, Odeya Nini, Adam Bach and Madeline Best for all of their incredible artistry and focus.

Some additional reading if you are interested:
"Song and Script Taking One Space After Another" by Brian Seibert, New York Times
"Tatyana Tenenbauam's Modal Investigations" by Buck Wanner for
"Process Notes: A Legacy of American Musical Theater" on

And finally, a short video context piece that Peter Richards created from rehearsal footage:

Tatyana Tenenbaum / Private Country context
from Peter W Richards on Vimeo.